What I Did On 2008-12-16

  • Just got a call from my audition for Out Town at Lionheart Theatre. Did not get the role I wanted, but the director called anyway. very nice #
  • OUR TOWN, not Out Town. Out Town is that _other_ play. #
  • Planning ahead, I want to audition for Sabrina Fair at Kudzu (Jan 6,7) and Driving Miss Daisy at Act1 (Jan6,8). Wit at Onstage Atlanta (???) #
  • I think I can get back into Pat Hurley’s Advanced Scene at the Alliance in January as well. Will be working monologues with him in any case. #
  • But if I win the lottery, travel will be first order of business. Somewhere with a hammock and an ocean breeze. #
  • Yes, Alaska does have an ocean breeze, but I am thinking somewhere more tropical. #
  • DO’H! Arena Football League suspends the 2009 season. Double DO’H. At least we get our money back for season tickets. #AFL http://is.gd/c0TR. #
  • So ready to leave work. 23 more minutes to go, then off to a @gwtgladiators game tonight. #

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