Doing a PSA

Earlier this week, I received a call from Bryan Ridarick who I believe is a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He is shooting a 30 second PSA for The Foundation for a Smoke Free America. I believe I saw the audition notices, but had conflicts and dismissed it.

Bryan called me because Teresa Sanson, who I am working with on Bright Flames referred him to me. Bryan said he receive a lot of younger people, and not what he was looking for.

After visiting my site, he called me and were able to work out some dates with the rest of the cast. Next Saturday we will shoot.



View of the front yard with a for sale sign that has a sold sticker across it.

A person walking in front of the house at a distance.


(BRENDA invites her friend over named DON along with other friends to hang out and have a cook out by the pool. Don brings his friend SCOTT over to the open house. Don gets Scott’s attention in noticing Brenda. Don and Scott are standing together at a distance from Brenda having a drink. Don lightly hits Scott on the upper arm to get Scott’s attention.)

DON: Hey she’s hot.

(Scott’s attention is fully focused on Brenda with great interest as she is socializing with friends.)

SCOTT: Yeah!

(As Don and Scott are watching Brenda, Don looks at Scott and asks Scott if he wants to go and talk to Brenda.)

DON: You want to go over there and talk to her?

(Scott doesn’t hesitate to answer with Yeah. Scott also wants to go and meet Brenda.)

SCOTT: Yeah!

DON: Go over there now!

(Even though Scott wants to meet Brenda he still stands next to Don. Don motivates Scott to go over and meet Brenda.)

(As Brenda is socializing she takes out a cigarette from her pocket. Scott becomes disappointed and disinterested in getting to really know Brenda. Scott has a condescending look on his face.)

SCOTT: Oh no, she smokes!
The foundation for a smoke free America.

Empowering Smokers To Quit


— Don – 30’s, runs his own business, hard-wording, out-going,
likeable. Hangs out with the guys to watch sports. Attached, but
appreciates good looking woman. Hates it when people smoke.

— Scott – 30’s, Single, Works for a media company, energetic,
positive and out-going. Always looking for that right woman to have a
future relationship. Hates it when people smoke.