Bright Flames Troubles

The first attempt to go to the TV25 studio for a tech run was thwarted because the studio was closed for repairs and failed to tell anyone. We were scheduled on a Monday that week.

What we planned on doing is a tech rehearsal. Create the set, light and sound and some lines, just to get an idea of how this would work.

Yesterday we tried again. We were originally scheduled at 5:30 PM and then rescheduled to 3:00 PM. They double booked that time slot and we waited. The station manager said that the show currently filming would be done in sections so they would be out soon. So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

So after two hours, I finally left to eat and go to Bartending School. I hope Robert was able to get in and plan things out. It does not sound like the Station is well run.