End of Streetcar

This past weekend was the final weekend of A Streetcar Named Desire. This has not been one of my favorite plays. I just did not like my development of MITCH. MITCH is a little naive, but I think I took that too far and also made him not very smart. But with lines like (to BLANCH) “Guess how much I weigh…. My weight is not a very interesting subject to talk about. What’s yours?” and “…in all my experiences, I’ve never known anyone like you. (BLANCH begins to laugh) Are you laughing at me?”, it was very hard to see him as intelligent, but naive.

Maybe that is correct. I don’t know. I can’t see myself and so am dependent on what others say. I did not receive any bad criticism, so it must have been OK.

Oh well. I can still say that JOEL from Beau Jest is still my favorite role.