Streetcar Opening Weekend in Review

  • Thursday night was canceled
  • Friday night was an actor’s nightmare
  • Saturday matinee had only 1 attendee
  • Saturday night was fantastic
  • Sunday matinee was not bad ether

OK. The details:

Thursday night, I have already mentioned. I will add other statements I have heard: The 2 people that did arrive asked to come back another night; And that no one was turned away at the door. I don’t know what is true or not. There are always 3 sides to every story – Yours, Mine and the Truth.

Friday night was an actor’s nightmare. We had an audience of around 30. But not only did they laugh at the humorous spots (which is good) but at everything else. At some point it seemed to me like a TV show about stage acting, where the actors on stage are SO BAD but do not realize they are bad. The audience is laughing at them and not with them. I became actually afraid to say my lines for the reaction they may provoke. Besides the laughter was the running commentary and repeating of lines by the audience members.

It turns out that there were some audience members were drunk. Three ladies apparently had liquor in their purses and were adding it to their drinks. Late in the play, I could here the shushing of one audience member to others.

The entire cast, well some of the cast, were frustrated with the audience. But what choice did we have. To use the cliche “The Show must go on”. We finished, we bowed and then I bolted.

Saturday Matinee only had 1 attendee. Only one!! OK, well two if you count one of New Dawn board members who attended. So we did the show. How could we not after Thursday’s fiasco. It was a good performance.

After that, most of the cast and crew went across the street to Steverino’s Pizzeria for an early dinner (or late lunch). Then back across the street for the evening show.

Saturday Evening had about 30 people or so, including my biggest fans, mom and dad. Saturday night rocked! The audience, unlike Friday’s, was very reposive to the funny bits and the dramatic bits. No laughing in unusual spots. No running commentary. Emotions were right on. Nearly a perfect night.

This made me feel a lot better about the run. The first three shows were a cancelation, bad audience and then a single attendee. To have a near perfect night made me feel better and made me think that yes, we will have audiences and good audiences at that.

The Sunday Matinee just confirmed that. Not as large a crowed as Saturday evening, but they were very responsive. Even received a standing ovation.

Well two weekends with 10 shows left.