Auditioned for Spreading It Around

Auditioned last night for a new play called Spreading It Around by Londos D’Arrigo at Stage Door Players. Arrive at 6:30 PM for a 6:45 audition slot. All the times I have auditioned in a time slot, it was just me doing a cold reading with an assistant. This time was different. I was given a side and assigned 3 other people to read the side with.

In the past, open auditions at Stage Door have been a zoo. Not because of bad management, but because of overwhelming response to open auditions. This time Robert Egizio assigned time slots. I don’t know what the actual design was, but it looked as if there were 5 or so people added to the mix every 15 minutes. And out of those people arriving every 15 minutes, there were people for each main character.

So when I went over the lines for our reading, there was a LARRY (who I read for), his wife TRACI, his mother ANGELA and a psychiatrist DR KRAPINSKY. It was actually a very fun read.

I have auditioned for Robert Egizio about a-half-dozen times, with no landed roles, and he knows me by name. When I arrived, his assistant (darn it – not sure of her name) knew my name. I was impressed with that.

And I walked out without a resume or headshot. I was so focused on dress the part that I forget to get the essentials. Luckily, I stopped by my wife’s office and printed out a resume. The first thing Robert said to me was “You need a new headshot”. This is true. Earlier in the year I was bald and it has grown back in. I do have an older headshot, about 4 years old, and a headshot taken earlier this year with no hair. But now I have even begun styling my hair differently from before. Robert has seen both headshots and probably has several on file.

I was very pleased with my reading. The best I have done for Robert. But I am pretty sure I will not get the role. The person who read KRAPINSKY was called in specifically to read LARRY. So no role.

Great networking though. I ran into two people I have done plays with, three people from acting class and a one off connection (someone in my currently play was in a play with this person).

I would love to be in a play at Stage Door, but alas, I don’t think it will be this one.