What I Did On 2008-10-03

  • @ginayates Many Thanks! #
  • Leaving in 45 min, eat, then go to the theatre for, hopefully, an opening night. Then 2 shows and meeting on Sat, show and audition on Sun. #
  • Think I will tweet for the next 30 minutes. Ready… go… #
  • OK. So I am using Twitter Tools on my website. It collects all these tweets and makes a daily post (optional). The down side is.. Next >> #
  • <<Prev is that it looks like I do nothing but post tweets. I am looking forward to the next version of Twitter Tools that will do.. Next >> #
  • <<Prev that will do weekly posts. I tried the beta – in my head its the British pronunciation.. beeeta – version which will do.. Next >> #
  • <<Prev ..do weekly posts. One thing I noticed is that my daily visits to my site dropped off when there was no daily archive. Next >> #
  • <<Prev OK this is, I am sure a bit annoying. I will stop now. #
  • So much for 30 minutes worth of tweeettiiinnng #
  • The wife is at @Teavana in Perimeter Mall, picking up some Spicy Nut Mate Tea for me. #
  • @crazeegeekchick What is that? #
  • quitin’ time… food… play… bye #
  • Here I sit, taking a .. rest break from dinner. rest from dinner? Eten food shore is hard work. #
  • Cats are enjoying the deck. Hate to have to herd them in, but I need to leave in a few for the Theatre #

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