A False Start

Last nights performance of A Streetcar Named Desire was canceled. At about 5 minutes to curtain, the director and cast received word that Red Clay decided to cancel the show. I don’t believe anyone got a good explanation. Apparently there were only two people who booked ahead of time and showed up. And there was proof of at least one person being turned away with rumors of more.

This upset several cast members as well as the New Dawn Theatre Company Board Members for several reasons: First, New Dawn believes is should be the choice of New Dawn and not Red Clay; Second, the actors were willing to perform for 2 or two hundred. Third, those few could potentially induce others to come see the show… or not see the show.

And Finally, because we had not “Opened” yet, it turned into another night of rehearsal. The entire cast and crew was going to be there anyway. If this was not the official opening it would have been a rehearsal and indeed it turned out to be one.

Besides, could it have hurt to have that ticket money in the pocket? Will those people who were turned away even come back? What is there impression of being asked to leave? Will our heroes even get to perform? Stay tuned.

Really, in the end for last nights fiasco, the fault falls with both Red Clay and New Dawn. Both should have done everything they could to get the word out. I don’t know that they didn’t, but I have not seen evidence that they have ether.

This was a first for me, as far as I can remember. I have performed shows where the cast was larger than the audience, but we still performed. I do hate having small audiences, but at least they were there. They made an effort to come see us and so we performed.

I am used to having small audiences. It happens that way during a run: you can have a large audience one night and a small one the next. But having a show canceled. Now I am worried that all the shows will have a small audience or that another night might be canceled. Not good. It makes me wonder whether I want to work with ether of these groups again. Not only the people who were turned away have a bad impression, but now I do as well.

Anyway, we will try again tonight. Fingers crossed.

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  1. I understand your frustration; I’ve been there. Smallest audience I’ve ever performed for was one person (the cast was I think 8 actors). I hope your audience grows, have a great opening.

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