New Project: Bright Flames TV

Teresa Sanson, who I was with in Heidi last year, contacted me just recently about a TV pilot she is involved with. Their actor who was cast for Soren Kierkegaard dropped out and they needed some one else.

From their MySpace page:

BrightFlamesTV is a forum for some of the best minds in World History to “duke it out” in a talk-show format a’la The View

Similarly, in the 1970’s host Steve Allen (The Tonight Show) developed “Meeting of the Minds” in which famous (and not-so-famous) political, artistic, and literary types came together to debate points of view from their respective time periods and the current events of the day. Imagine Julius Caesar analyzed by Sigmund Freud, or a mano a mano between arch-feminist Simone deBeauvoir and the austere John Calvin, just to name a few!

Bright Flames is a developing episodic tv series and will be filmed and aired at Comcast Community Television in Atlanta, GA.

The goal is to sale this to someone like PBS or The History Channel as an ongoing series. Teresa is working with Robert Howell on the Project. They have access to a professional studio at Comcast. I met with them about the project and like what they are trying to do.