This Week in Acting

Last nights class was fantastic. The class has 10 people and Pat divides us out into pairs. He likes to work a scene until he is satisfied with our exploration of the script. Last night Alan Phelps and I finished up our scene and will now move on to other partners. Alan did a great job and even Pat said it was the best work he as seen Alan do. My next scene is Breakfast with Les and Bess with Robin (darn it. I don’t know her last name). And after that is a scene from Lone Star by James McLure with Dan.

On the A Streetcar Named Desire front, the director got a little annoyed with everyone on Tuesday. We were supposed to be off book. I am as guilty as everyone else, except Mike Yow who has been off book for over a week now. What makes it even tougher is when someone cannot deliver their line which gives you the queue for your line. To night should be better though. Only a few more weeks till we open.

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