What I Did On 2008-09-13

  • Had a fun evening with the cast of Streetcar. This group does a lot together. #
  • Must start day. Lots to do. Pickup tux, dry cleaners, haircut, PetSmart. Tmro are the MAT Awards. Have an entourage going with me to awards. #
  • Add to the to do list: study lines. We are off book on Tuesday for Streetcar. And yet another website makeover. Finally something I like! #
  • OK. done with the out of the house errands. Now to finish updates to web redesign. #
  • For what it’s worth, the redesigned acting site is up. The blog will take a while to convert. There are some tweaks to make also, but… #
  • And some IE tweaks. I really do hope IE8 works better than it’s predecessors. #
  • I am not totally happy with the javascript I am using, but it will do for now. #

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