Subtle Change

Over the past several months, I have noticed a subtle change in my daily activities. More acting, less high tech. I am spending more time reading acting blogs and websites and less time reading high tech blogs and websites. I am spending more time listening to acting podcasts and less time listening to high tech podcasts.

The people I follow on twitter are ether people around Atlanta or they are actors. Well, OK a third are high tech related, but they are great and funny people to follow ( @boagworld, @leolaporte, @ihnatko, @hotdogsladies ).

I had all these websites that I wanted to create, mainly around my hobbies, but I seem less interested in doing that now. I still may. The formula is good, but does take some development work on my part. One of the thoughts I heard on an acting podcast (Everything Acting) was to have your own business, something simple like a service that you could do whenever you wanted. Of course running a business is no small matter. But maybe these hobby websites could generate some money so I could do more acting.

I do have a very supportive wife, and that means a lot.

So where am I? I need to set some long term and short term plans on how to do more acting for income and less software QA.

I am glad I started this journal back when I started taking acting classes. Hopefully, it will continue to progress.