What I Did On 2008-08-21

  • The MAT Awards are less than a month away. Need to rent a tux. I seem to recall from decades back, rentals took a while to arrive. #
  • The Wife wants to wear this: http://tinyurl.com/5hw7pw I suppose my tux needs to be equally goth. #
  • I do not want to write test cases today. Maybe a little trance from di.fm will motivate me. #
  • Good lunch, Markus Schulz on DI.FM and Armin Van Buuren after after that. Work, at the moment, is good. #
  • Yikes. I have crashed mentally. Some would say “so what has changed”. I am out of any Tea that I want to drink. #
  • Over the past few weeks, received sympathy cards on the loss of my cat Einstein. A nice one came from the vet and office who also loved him. #
  • Still miss my Einstein. The Wife is traveling and stopped at a place we stopped at on our last vacation, when we took Einstein with us. #
  • The Wife, and probably me as well, is planning on getting a tattoo of Einstein. I would like to have all my cats tattoo’d. On me not them. #
  • Anyone know of a good tattoo artist who can do animals. Pref Atlanta area. #

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