Accepted into an Advanced Acting Class

One of my fellow actors in Anne of Avonlea, Kathleen Seconder, recommended Pat Hurley’s acting class at the Alliance Theatre. She said there were prerequisites but that with my experience I should be able to get into the class.

Having been in rehearsals on Wednesday nights, the night of classes, I put off calling Pat until this week. We talked on the phone and I was invited to sit in on last nights class.

Literally as I grabbed my phone yesterday to leave for the class, it rang. Pat called and said that because some people were going to be missing, would I mind reading a scene with another student. Of course I said I would.

That was my audition for the class. Pat invited me to join his class. I cannot describe how excited he seemed to be over my performance: Smiles, “As Advertised” (Kathleen had talked to him about me earlier in the year), etc. It is kind of a blur.

I am very excited to be in a class where “getting you to the next level” was mentioned often.