What I Did On 2008-08-09

  • The only thing that has gone right with selling the house is that the carpets cleaning today was done well. We did get the blinds replaced. #
  • My only plans for today are rehearsing with the cast for the short film “The Interview”. Need to work on the house, but still in bed. #
  • Damnit. I need to get the server up and running. The wife has been bugging me about the all the pictures. Need to Drobo for redundancy. #
  • Drobo is finally off backorder and will arrive on Tuesday. Ordered 3 750GB drives off Woot should also arrive soon. Thats 1.5TB of storage. #
  • Nearly fired our repair guy. He did finally show up at the house to do some work he should have finished last week. #
  • Working on getting the server up. Need to get all computers in the same workgroup. Well the server and wife’s computer anyway. #

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