What I Did On 2008-08-07

  • Meet with the real estate agent this afternoon so she can put the house on the market. Then bought the wrong color blinds to replace bad one #
  • Barefoot memory: me on one side of stage and Clarke on other and seeing the old ladies in front row doing the tennis match head swing #
  • The new Drobo is on backorder darnit! Ordered one this past Sunday #
  • Lunch. I think chineese today. #
  • I have the Streetcar script for 2 days and I am already mumbling lines in the bathroom stall… and there is someone in the next stall over #
  • My grandmother used to mumble lines also… but she never had a script. I think I am mumbling lines. #
  • Friend of mine, Hatcher, pointed out the I had speleng mstakas on my website. DO’H! #
  • Leaving work, heading home to eat, change, then of to rehearsal. First play where I can do that. #
  • Damn typos. #

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