A New Play

Last Monday, I was looking around various theatre websites and looking at Red Clay Theatre and their upcoming plays, noticed that New Dawn Theatre Company was doing A Streetcar Named Desire. The audition notice was on their website and apparently, according to my biggest fan: Mom, in the Gwinnett Daily Post, but not on Atlanta Performs, where I find most of the community auditions.

I was a little sceptable about the group, but they were performing at Red Clay. I called and talked to someone about the audition. Just show up.

OK. So I did. I was getting the feeling that this was real hometown community and that the cast was sort of already selected. So I really did not hold much enthusiasm for getting a role. There were other shows I wanted to audition for so I decided not to take any role other than STANLEY or MITCH, the lead male roles. (I hope I don’t sound arrogant, but there other plays I wanted to audition for.)

The director, Rick Thompson, remembed me from a prior audition (I am bad with that type of thing). He was very attentave to the actors and I was impressed by that. He said he would notify those he wanted by email on Thursday. I had not seen anything by dinner and figured I did not get a role.

I did get an email and was offered MITCH. Cool!

First read though is Tuesday night. I am excited to be doing a drama.