Update for the week of May 20, 2008

Lots of stuff going on:

1. Losing my job

2. website updates

3. rehearsals start soon

4. New headshots posted

5. Miscellany

OK, last Wednesday, I received notice from HR and my manager that I was 1 of 18 people part of a “reduction in staff”. If you don’t know, I am employed by Northrup Grumman, working on a CDC contract. The contract was cut about $5.5 million. Today alone I have 3 interviews. IT pays the bills so I can act. Although, I wish acting would pay the bills.

There have been 2 website updates lately. Version 3 of this site was rather bland (red borders, black background, off white text). Version 4 was released last week. It was my first attempt at a graphics heavy site. It looked great, but the images were too large in bytes and so took a long while to download. That would not do. So 4.1 is up with smaller graphics. Victorian style with future modifications to make it look Steampunk. It’s an OK looking site. I hope the tweaks will improve the look and texture. And what’s with the chairs in the left sidebar? I guess it’s better than blank space. There are a few defects that I need to fix as well.

Barefoot in the Park rehersals start on June 9th. This is my first adventure into a paying theatre. We received the scripts a couple of weeks ago and because I don’t have a very large role (10 pages in Act I and Act III), I should have it easily memorized before June 9th.

New headshots are posted on the Portfolio page. The pictures were done by Milestone Photography. They did a great job. It’s amazing how much different I look from my previous photos. I am planning on sending a mass mailing out with my new and old headshot to theaters and agents. And yes I am letting my hair grow back.

I never heard back from my audition for Madea Goes to Jail and the majority of the time you will never hear from an audition unless they want you. I did receive an email from Sally Ann Cone on my audition for An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein. It was an email to all those who auditioned and did not get a part, which was less than 10 people. That was very nice.