New Headshots Coming Soon

Today, I went down to The Trolley Barn to meet with Eric and Britney of Milestone Photography. They were absolutely fantastic. I am sure they took hundreds of shots. They worked with me for almost 2 hours, 6 location (some of them twice) and two outfits (well, two different shirts). Lots of photographers will actually limit the number of shots during a session. They worked with me, until they were satisfied. It was a great session.

I had an adventure getting there. The directions from Google Maps, had me turn right on Waddell Street, which I could not find. So I rode up and down Irwin Street looking for Waddell which was supposed to be less than a mile. Actually I did not go far enough, Waddell does exist. So I cut over in a general direction that I know Edgewood Avenue to be in. Found Edgewood and went up and back on that road once before finally going far enough to find the place.

Leaving the place was another site-seeing tour in itself. I wandered northward for a while and then west towards I-85. I ended up on I-75 north after the two interstates split. Fed up with the whole thing, I just went I-75 to 285 around to I-85. Yes, miles out of the way. I need a GPS device.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see the pictures. These pictures are of me with my current look: Bald with a Beard.