Finally, a slot at the Unifieds

The Unifieds are is an open audition each year in Atlanta, hosted by the Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts. There are 50 plus theatre companies in Atlanta and the South East. It is open to Actors and Singers who are Equity, Non-Equity and Students.

I am non-Equity. So I had to have at least 7 stage plays to qualify. This year I have enough. Two years back, although I did not qualify, I might have received a slot due to lack of applicants. Don’t know that for sure.

Last year, I did apply but was rejected for not having enough stage plays. This year, I did qualify and I was accepted.

The Unifieds are two days worth of actors doing 2 contrasting monologues or 1 monologue and 16 bars of accompanied music. Each actor has 2 minuets.

I am on the second day in the afternoon.