Callback and a Play

I received a call from Candy Spahr on my way home from work on Friday. She offered me a callback for Anne of Avonlea. The callbacks have been moved to Monday at 5 PM. This was interesting because as far as I knew, there were more auditions to be held on Saturday. But as I stated before, I was the only adult male to audition on Thursday night.

On Saturday, I received a call from the Artistic Director, IJ Rosenblum, at Button Theatre offering me a role in Barefoot in the Park. The Auditions were last weekend and I has assumed I did not get a role. The part I auditioned for and which I knew I did not get was for the older eccentric neighbor. The part I was offered, and accepted, was for the TELEPHONE REPAIRMAN. It is a paid role and my first role at a Professional Non-Equity theatre. All I have done before now have been in Community Theatres.