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OK. For a while I had been trying to update Serendipity blogging software but could never do it. I am a geek with credentials to prove it. But I was having trouble. So I thought I would give WordPress a chance.

Both are PHP based, which is what I know how to develop in, so I can muck with the underlying code. The problem was that there were plenty of scripts that would move everything from one blogging software to another, but not for Serendipity.

So I had to write my own. Of course I had to write it in PHP for moving stuff from one set of MySQL tables to another.

My next step need to be updating the CSS, well actually creating a new theme, to make it look like the rest of my acting site. The I will need to redirect people from my old blog to this new one.

Hopefully this will not take too long.

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  1. Hi. I’m starting a blog of my move from Dallas to L.A. and found your site. What do you think is the best website or software for a simple blog? Thanks for your help.

  2. Adam, it depends on what you want to do with it. My personal preference is for anything written in PHP that I can host on my own server. The front runner is WordPress. Now, WordPress comes in two flavors: will do the hosting for you and is the install on your own server flavor. One of the nice things about WordPress is the number of themes and plugins that are available.

    Sorry it took so long to respond and approve your post. I was expecting an email stating that there were comments to approve. I know that is an option somewhere. I just need to turn in on.

  3. Thanks for the response.
    By the way, I just found an online talent contest that looks cool. It’s and they send winners to Hollywood every day (which must mean like 100 winners). Just FYI. I’m probably gonna enter, so look for me to vote for me: AdamW.

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