A Christmas Story second weekend review

We have completed two weekends (5 shows, 1 preview) now with 2 weekends (5 shows) left. The first weekend went well enough, better than expected.

But the second weekend was a real roller coaster. Friday night was a little bumpy considering we had 6 days off. I missed a queue and thus missed a paragraph as a queue for someone else. We skipped 3 pages on that one. Yikes. Of course the audience does not necessarily know that we missed something, but still you hate doing things like that. It troughs everybody off.

For Saturday night the general consensus is that it was our best show to date. One or two of the actors felt they did not do very well, but over all it was good.

Sunday was a disaster, or at least it felt that way to the cast. On my part, I seemed to skip every fifth line. At some point in the first act, the computer running the lights and sound locked up. Even a quick reboot did not solve the problem and we called an early intermission to restart the whole system.

I realized something was wrong when the spotlight was being moved between the two areas of the stage where action was taking place. The scene was where the family is in the Oldsmobile and I am across stage narrating. I moved over into the scene so that the light would not have to be moved back-and-forth.

All I can say is, that the fun in LIVE theatre.