Auditioned for Same Time Next Year

I must say that Adriana Warner is absolutely brilliant. I would love to be in a play she directs.

I went to the second night of auditions (last night). I was the only guy. There were three ladies auditioning for the part of DORIS. So I got to read with all of them. Better for me. Each time I could improve or change what I had done before.

Because there were so few ladies, it gave Adriana more time to work over the readings. For the last lady (Bronwyn Glantzberg, who I have had acting classes with), Adriana worked with us for over 30 minutes, tweaking, prodding, etc. to get us to think about, shape and mold the characters. It was a great experience.

I was being pushed in a way I have not been pushed before. Nerve racking. I loved every minute of it. But I did get the feeling that all the acting I have done before now in community theatre was nothing compared to the level of expectations a director has for their actors.

Call backs on on Sunday with a call by Adriana by Saturday Evening. I don’t know how many guys auditioned on Tuesday night or if she has someone already picked out, but I would do almost anything to be in this play.

Other notes about this production: This is a two person play. Adriana has plans for a larger crew: a couple of people for set changes and two or more people to assist the actors in wardrobe. There are 6 scenes and each scene is in a different year over a 25 year time period. So quick changes in the set and wardrobe of each era. I would image 5 to 7 people for the crew and tech.