Update: Mid-November

With my new job came a limit on internet time. That’s just the nature of the company I work for.

Anyway, A Christmas Story has just 5 rehearsals before the preview night and opening night. It is slowly coming together, but there are still some things that need work. Mainly, any show with kids lends itself to some level of unpredictability: Will they remember there lines, be in place for their queues, etc.

The part that scares me is not the quantity of lines, half the book, but the fact that as the NARRATOR and being invisible to the rest of the cast, if I forget a line there is no one I can improve with to get back on track. It’s all me. If I loose my place… well.

I always believe that it will happen during a run, that is, that I will forget a line or my place. That way I do not fear it so much. I plan on what to do as much as one can plan on forgetting a line. I may let the cast or director down, but hopefully the audience will not notice… to much.