A Gift from the Cast

The crew received gifts from the cast. We all contributed. And to my surprise the cast gave me a gift as well. For the 4th weekend of the run, we opened in Kudzu’s new theatre on Stage 2. I was there from Tuesday through Thursday and all of Friday building out the set and cast room.

Because of that I received a nice little framed ceramic tile with The Actor’s Prayer on it:

As on the stage I take my place
I pray that I not know disgrace
Allow me not to drop a cue,
And neither on the scenery chew
Make not my props to go astray
Allow no entrance to delay
That I may not be left to groan
And hang upon the stage alone

Make all the critics to be kind,
To imperfections make them blind
And keep my brain both quick and cool
Lest of myself I make a fool
May all my lines be spoke as writ
Please make this play to be a hit!

© 2006 Community Theater Opera Room