A Christmas Carol follow-up

It was very interesting, instructive and, I suppose, fun doing light and sound for the 2006 run of A Christmas Carol at Kudzu Playhouse.

There were lots and sound and light changes. And now for the combinations: Simultaneous light and sound, simultaneous sound with actor (each ghost had a sound for pointing), simultaneous light with actor actions, and several of the more difficult light and sound followed immediate by another sound (I had two Mini disk players), and a few fade sound, queue and play another sound.

As long as I took my time and paid attention I had no problem, but with 120+ changes I never had a perfect night. My hope was to be as transparent to the audience as possible. As long as the audience did not notice, everything was cool. For the most part I was.

On the final night (of any play), Wally and Jeannie hand out a package with a letter, cast photo, VIP passes, etc. In the letter to the Cast and Crew of A Christmas Carol, there was high praise for me: A big thanks goes to Jay for such a great job as our tech. He came in as a novice and finished as a true professional.