My Left Breast: I didn’t get it…

The play (side actually) not the part or the Breast. Don’t know about the part, but I probably did not get it… a part that is, not the play.

Confused? Well I was too. My Left Breast was originally written as a one woman play. This version, in collaboration with the author Susan Miller, is divided out into parts, the parts being SUSAN, WOMAN and MAN, maybe more.

What I did not get in Side B that I read, even after additional director input was that the MAN parts are the male muse, if you will, of SUSAN’s imagination. The MAN parts are to be read as if the, in this side, 8 year old son and the older version, the 18 year old son are saying those lines.

For some reason I was thinking a DAD for the MAN. Didn’t get it. Didn’t understand.

It clicked after I read Side D that I was to be those ages, acting those ages, etc. Side D, I read correctly.

I felt sick not having realized this. Damn good part, and easy read. If only I understood.

Well, I don’t think I will get this part because of this.