Auditioned for Woman in Black

Red Clay Theatre is/has moved into the old Aurora Theatre venue in Duluth. The Theatre is under renovation. So no carpet on the floors and areas closed off, but it’s going to be a nice theatre when it’s done.

After running home quickly to get a headshot and resume because I forgot to bring them to work. I arrive at 7:15 for a 7:30 PM slot. A simple form to fill out, smaller than the forms at most other places.

OK. Two sides to look over. When I was on the phone with Mark Pitt who scheduled my slot, I was under the impression, assumption, something, that I would read for the part of the ACTOR. The ACTOR is? Well here is the story from what I gathered from the director

It is a two man play which takes place in the offices of a Public Speaking/Acting Coach. The ACTOR has written a 5 HOUR long piece, a story of events in his life that HAS to be told? well only to friends and family. But the ACTOR has paid for the services of this Coach in an effort to tell his story.

So when I read the sides I read the ACTOR in my head, of course reading over the other lines in a non-descript manner so I knew what was going on. When I was called in I was asked to read the other part. No problem, just read and react.

I heard of two professional film actors, one of which was having problems understanding the scene, how to prepare for it, how to react, etc. So the actors switched roles in that scene for a while. It then clicked with the first actor how the scene should be played out.

I feel like I got that last night. By reading one character’s lines and then the other I felt like I really reacted well in the scene. I read a scene with Eric Brooks who will be the other half of the two man play.

I think it went well. But as always it’s a wait and see.