Audition Notice: Short Film

Two If By Sea Pictures will be holding auditions for a short film to be shot in November. Our last film, Replacing George, won best picture at this year’s Art Within 72hr Film Challenge. ( Possible pay available based on experience, but credit and a copy of the film will be provided.

Auditions will take place Tuesday and Wednesday, October 11 & 12 from 4 to 9 PM in Alpharetta, GA. Shooting will most likely take place during the first week of November.

The short is a 20-30 minute dramatic thriller that is thematically similar to Minority Report. We are looking to cast the following parts:

Lead Male (Late 20’s to 30’s): A police officer and husband who is conflicted about what his job requires him to do and eventually breaks the law to protect his family.

Pregnant Woman (Late 20’s to early 40’s): Very dramatic role. Must be able to scream for your life and convey great sorrow. Pregnancy belly not required.

Pregnant Woman’s Husband (Late 20’s to 40’s): Heartbroken and bitter over the death of his wife, he must choose whether or not to help the man who he believes caused her death.

Cop (Male Late 20’s to 40’s): Next door neighbor and coworker of our lead. He is a by the books cop who takes his job seriously and believes in what he does.

Cop’s Wife (Female 20’s to 30’s): Best friend to Lead female (lead male’s wife). She is the neighborhood gossip and has a pivotal role in the climax of the film.

Please contact us at dawsbrothers at hotmail dot com to schedule an audition time. Or call 404-232-0016.


Josh & Jeremiah Daws

* Various other minor roles of various races and ages (think featured extras) also need to be cast. If interested in one of these roles, please send headshots to or Two If By Sea Pictures, 702 Brighton Ln, Winder, GA 30680.