Auditioned for “Never Too Late”

Damn it to hell! It never fails that when I audition for Robert Egizio at Stage Door Players I screw up. It really annoys me that I do very well at other theatres but not here. Of the 4 times I have auditioned for Robert, I blew a monologue twice, and for a musical I forced my voice as if I were singing to 10,000 people without a microphone.

Last night, after blowing my monologue, I read the part of the Father. Robert said there are 4 characters similar in nature and so a reading of one would do for all of those 4 parts. The Father, HARRY LAMBERT, was described as a “politically correct Archie Bunker” and “blustery”. The side was read with HARRY’s wife, EDITH. So instead of reading it like a “blustery Archie Bunker” like Robert described, I read it like a morose husband, somewhat sympathetic to EDITH but appalled that he may be the butt of a joke.

Another audition I did for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, after reading a side with one actress and was to read again with another actress, I was told that the character was a lawyer. I did not think about it right then, but did after I left. I read the side like I heard other people doing, as an angry person. It should have been read in an analytical way. The lawyer is logically stepping thought what he will do to achieve his goal and not angry.

Last night again, I did not really think about it and just read. I did not have much time to prepare and think about the side, but I did not read it like the director described the character.

What I need to do is to keep that information in my head like a mantra
“a blustery Archie Bunker”
“a blustery Archie Bunker”
“a blustery Archie Bunker”
“a blustery Archie Bunker”
“a blustery Archie Bunker”
“a blustery Archie Bunker”
even when I am reading the side. I need to force myself to spend 30 seconds and analyze what was told to me. This is critical in following the director’s instructions. I will never get anywhere if I do not.

This is one theatre I really want to do a play in. There are 4 levels of theatre in my opinion:
Professional/Community – Non-Equity only – open casting calls
Professional/Community – Non-Equity and Equity – open casting calls
Professional/Community ? Invitational only
Professional ? Equity only

Even though Stage Door Players states that it is a “metro-Atlanta non-professional theater that provides a venue to showcase the talents of up-and-coming local actors, directors and designers”, but will cast Equity actors, I still consider it a step above and would consider it an achievement if I were cast in one of it’s plays. This is just my opinion and impression of the theatre.

Still, not even a DQ Hot Fudge Sunday could console me on the way home last night.