Man Who Came to Dinner: Opening Weekend

Well, it was a very busy weekend to say the least. Lots of last minute stage prep. I arrived at 5 PM on Friday to assist with final stage prep for our 8 PM show. I finished up at 10 till 8 with painting and moving the men’s dressing room. Covered in sweat, I changed into my costume. No time for aging myself with makeup. If you remember, I play a 60 something year old man.

The play went well enough on Friday. Better than I expected. We had some large props obtained at the last minute; one being the mummy case in which LORRAINE SHELDON is trapped in Act III. We had worked on placement of the case, but until you see it, it is hard to determine just how this monstrosity will look on stage and how to interact with it.

Saturday night was fun. Lots of missed queues and forgotten lines. But we got through.

Hope next weekend is better.

Four more weekends.