No Dinner This Week

Another company is renting out Class Act Theatre and so we cannot rehearse The Man Who Came to Dinner this week. Mary may call a few people to rehearse at her house, but not the entire cast. Last week we did run through the entire play and completed the blocking.

This week I just need to make sure that I have my lines down. And for some of my lines, the lines where I say something like “I see you are still busy” or “Are you busy” or “I’ll wait in here”, the most important part is my queue.

Stick my head in:
BRADLEY: Mr. Whiteside…
WHITESIDE: No, not now. Go away.
Pull my head back out.

Sounds easy, and it should be, but the timing is crucial. I can very easily be skipped right over.

Last week we had a lot of fun running though the script. This is a very funny play.

Just four weeks until we open.