Sugar Creek Gang – Episode 3 – World Premiere

I was an extra in Episode 3. I can’t wait to see it.

The Sugar Creek Gang Episode 3 and Episode 4 World Premiere!

When: Sunday, June 19, 6:30PM
Where: Mt. Paran Church of God North Marietta, GA
Directions: Click Here

Episode Three: Revival Villains
Revival_Villains.jpgFinally the first day of Sugar Creek’s highly anticipated revival celebration arrives! But for some of the town’s residents, the morning begins on a sour note… which leads to sour thoughts and the possibility of sour plans. The gang anticipates the upcoming evening’s events together with a swim in the creek… until the bullies show up. After a water scuffle, Big Bob Till tips off the gang to the possibility that the celebration might be in great jeopardy. Upon arrival at the revival, the gang members don their thinking caps and scour the area searching for clues. Join the gang in their race against nightfall to discover if there’s any truth to Big Bob’s threat… before the threat comes true!

Episode Four: Secret Hideout
The anticipated follow-up that continues the story that left viewers of the previous episode begging for more! The gang races through the swamp only to stumble upon previously unexplored territory that leads them right into the middle of a mystery. As if the puzzling discoveries in the swamp aren’t enough, Poetry’s lamb causes enough mischief to get everyone into more hot water than they bargained for.