Sylvia at Big Top – Update

It appears that my thoughts were correct about this audition. There were two people, including me, who auditioned for GREG. I don’t interpret this as my being bad, but that I was not what he was looking for. Putting a cast together that is going to work together well is not easy when so few show up for the audition. I knew that night, that Neil as TOM and I as GREG were not a good fit. Our interpretations of each character were incompatible. I hope it works out for the cast.

As posted at Big Top Productions:

Some auditions are still currently being finalized at this time, here is the current cast list of the roles filled! Thanks to all who auditioned!
Sylvia – Stephanie Friedman
Greg – T.B.A.
Kate – Phyllis Giller
Phyllis – Kim Tomko
Tom/Leslie – Neil Matchan