Audition #10 – Sylvia at Big Top Theatre

There was only one guy who auditioned on Sunday. And by phone calls, the director was only able to get two more guys to audition. Out of three guys, the director has to fill two positions. That has to be tough. I know it sounds easy: pick two, toss the third. But it is not easy building a solid, compatible cast out of so few people. None of the guys may be suitable and then what do you do.

I auditioned for the role of GREG. GREG finds SYLVIA in the park and brings here home. The audition went well enough from my perspective. But do I want to land a role by default? Well, I was given a role in The Sunshine Boys. But it was a very very small role and the director could have said no. The director of Sylvia could do the same, call for more auditions or cancel the play all together.

But what am I worried about here. That I might be in a bad production? Am I being arrogant? Creative Differences with the director? Obviously I have some reservations, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe I am worried from a directorial perspective.

From what little I know about Sylvia, it is a cute play, very funny. I would like to read the script even if I do not get a part.