Beau Jest: Ends with a Bang

The final weekend of shows was Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Based on the attendance the previous Thursday, I was not too hopeful on the crowd. But I was surprised. We had about 40 or so. Friday was not much hirer that Thursday. The downside to Friday was that the crowd was very quite. There were people laughing, but mostly a giggle or two and stifled at that. I was thinking that we had peaked two weeks ago and were going down hill. Saturday would be very quite. This was also Easter weekend.

Saturday arrived. We sold 103 seats. And the audience laughed at every single joke within the play, including one I hadn’t noticed before. The new found joke was a sum of the entire Jewish history from Act II Scene 1.

ABE: “We were slaves? We’re free men? Let’s eat!”

I knew this was funny for a “let’s get though this as fast as possible”, but not as a history lesson.

Saturday was by far the best audience we had during the run. And it was also our best performance. As a cast, we kicked ass. What a night. It was fantastic! It was everything I could hope a performance to be. It is the reason why I want continue acting.

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