Beau Jest: This Past Weekend

Friday’s Hecklers (March 11, 2005): Well not really. They were people from Sean’s office. Sean, a dentist, works at a second office one day a week. There female office staff came to the show and made comments out loud on everything. I was definitely an experience. As actors on stage, we must ignore everything the audience does except allowing time for laughter. I know if I were in the audience I would have been angry with this detractor. But I was told by friends that once involved in the story, the comments were not that noticeable.

Saturday: Eighty seats were reserved for that night’s performance with around 100 seats filled.

Sunday’s Sellout: On Friday night, we found out that Sunday’s performance would be a sellout. There were even 11 people on the waiting list.

Play Details and Photos

JamesSherman.jpgWith around 100 seats filled the past two Saturdays, a sellout on Sunday, and 60+ averages for Friday shows, Kudzu has agreed to let us do Jest a Second this time next year. James Sherman’s Jest a Second is a sequel to Beau Jest which takes place one year later. BOB and SARAH are now married, BOB has become orthodox Jewish, SARAH is expecting and JOEL brings a secret out of the closet.