Beau Jest: Off Book

Thus ends the first week of being off book. Acts 1 and 2 went extremely well according to Lane. He was very pleased. No one asked for lines. We skipped a few and went over that section again but all went well. For Act 3, we bogged down. Several of us had to ask for lines including me. I was just happy that I was not the only one, me being the newbie and all.

On Thursday night we had character development discussions. Other than in acting class with Chris Cole Harris, I have never been though a formal process. It was very interesting. In class it was nothing more than a few questions related to the character and how they might behave. Lane had questions for us in which we went over for each character.

Thursday night was also a big boost for me for Lane said he was very please with my character in Act 3. The first two times we ran through Act 3, we cut up, had problems with out lines, etc. So Lane kept us late to go though Act 3 a third time and in all seriousness. JOEL came together for me and the interaction with SARAH was very strong. It felt right. And well Lane said it was what he wanted to see.

Opening night is just 2 weeks away.

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