Last Three Auditions – #6 – #8

OK, so I have been lazy, but it has been the holidays as well. I have been to 3 auditions, none of which I landed a role. Two were slapstick-type-rapid-fire comedies. Those of you who know me would think “Jay should be good at that”. Well I am not good at that. Oh, I can be funny, witty, whatever, but at my own time and pace. Comedy requires a timing that I don’t think I have. At least I was not comfortable at doing slapstick comedies. Now comedies where I deliver straight lines that are humorous, I am comfortable doing.

The third audition was for Deathtrap at Stage Door Players. This was also my third audition for Robert Egizio. I thought the first role I read for I did very well on. The problem with the last statement is that I never have received feedback from the person handling the auditions, be that the director or somebody else. So I think I did well. Even if I did, I might not have been right for the part.

It’s easy to get discouraged, having been to 8 or so auditions, not being picked for any, and the one play I was in was given to me by a friend. Well I am. We will see how the next auditions go. Tonight is Beau Jest.