Notes on Fitzmaurice

I never did mention how my Fitzmaurice Voice Technique class went, so here is what I remember. I loved it. I did not think so at first. Let me start at the beginning.

I had briefly looked over the Fitzmaurice site and had in my mind simply doing exercises on my vocal cords. We would talk about stage voice techniques, you know, the stage whisper, projecting you voice, enunciation, etc. The first night of class was physical stretching and relaxation from head to toe. And I thought, “This is not what I signed up for”. I went back for the second class thinking we would eventually get to the techniques. After the second class, I was not sure I wanted to return.

But I had paid for it after all, so wanted to continue just to get my moneys worth. In the third class, we find out that Cynthia usually teaches this at a college for a period of 2 classes a week for 10 weeks. We were getting the condensed version of just 6 classes.

Fitzmaurice has several stages of technique which starts with breaking down and then moving into reconstruction. We were getting the break down with a touch of reconstruction. What I mean by all this is that this is an exercise that will eventually allow your body to breathe and relax, so that you can react (to the pinch) naturally.

At the end of the 6 weeks, I loved this class. Some people do Yoga, others Tai Chi, but I think I will be perusing this as my exercise of choice. Cynthia is planning on opening a studio in Atlanta early in 2005.