The Sunshine Boys opening weekend…

…was a complete success. Saturday night was the first of two dinner shows. And Sold Out I might add. Food was good and being in an Episcopal Church, wine was also available. So the audience, now stuffed and tipsy, went in to see the play. I was told by the other actors not to expect much in the way of audience participation due to the drowsy affect of the food and wine. Well, they must have eaten little and drank nothing, because they laughed at everything. The been-here-done-the-dinner-show actors were amazed at the audience participation.

So what does this say? Just that maybe we did a good job. Even in my small part, where I am on the stage alone interacting with the “director” in the imaginary booth, we had to pause at a spot to let the laughter die down. And all I do is give the straight lines. This is a very funny play and the actors are doing a very good job.

So remember, just two more weekends.