Play Notice: The Sunshine Boys

Jayne, from my second class with Chris, called me on Friday night having just returned from rehearsal. The person who was to play a very minor part could not and the part had to be recast. She gave me the phone number of the director (Richard Dillon). Well I called and was given the part based on Jayne’s recommendation. Auditions are good, but friends are better. As in anything else in life, it’s who you know!

Play: Neil Simon’s “The Sunshine Boys”
Director: Richard Dillon
Where: Polk Street Players
Description: Two old vaudevillians have been separated for ten years. When the son of one tries to get them back together for one last fling, hilarity ensues.

November 5 – Friday, 8:00 PM
November 6 – Saturday, 8:00 PM Dinner Show
November 11 – Thursday, 8:00 PM
November 12 – Friday, 8:00 PM
November 13 – Saturday, 8:00 PM Dinner Show
November 19 – Friday, 8:00 PM
November 20 – Saturday, 8:00 PM
November 21 – Sunday, 2:30 PM