Audition #5: Home for the Holidays

Tonight I auditioned at Stage Door Players for a part in Home for the Holidays. And I had to sing. I have not sung in 20 years, since my high school days. In high school, I sang for the local church youth choir tour for three years (solo and duets). I also sang in quartet and solo for my school in regional competitions even winning first place.

A lot can happen to a voice in 20 years. The old cliche “If you don’t use it you’ll lose it” does apply. I did OK, but being nervous and my voice not being in shape, I could feel and hear that I did poorly. My voice was shaking.

This was the second audition I have done for Robert Egizio. The first was for Over the River and Through the Woods. And the second time I did the same monologue for him (Lesbian Spanking Inferno).

How to NOT land a role:
1. Do the same monologue for the same director
2. Stumble so badly on the monologue that you have to start over
3. If you are going to tryout for musicals, get your voice in shape.

If I am going to have directors/artistic directors, etc. take me seriously, I need to be serious. I need to get off my lazy ass and memorize and have prepared half-a-dozen monologues. And if I want to do musicals, I will need to get a voice coach and practice. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in myself. Chris thinks I have lots of talent, but I will not land anything if I don’t practice, practice, practice.