Audition #4

Yesterday I attended an audition for Auntie Mame at the Neighborhood Playhouse in Decatur. While waiting who did I see, none other than Cynthia Cobb from the June-July class. Hope you did well!

We were setup in groups of 2 to 5 people for various scenes. The first scene I read was for Badcock. Badcock is in his 50’s and a rather belligerent character. In the second scene, I read Mr. Upson, also in his 50’s and socially inept.

Each audition I do I learn something else. This time it was in how I performed. I think I did well on reading, but that was just reading. The director is watching all aspects of your performance. For instance, when I read Claude Upson?s lines, I read them well, but I did not maintain body posture or facial expressions during the scene. I read and went back to my blank face till my next line. Nor did I approach the director with enthusiasm as I stated in Audition #3. It is a leaning process.