Headshot: Color vs. B&W

Finally I had some headshots taken by Brian Dougherty of Dougherty Photographics. Brian was very easy to work with and very good. He uses a digital camera so can take the images and make them B&W on the computer. Getting there was an adventure though: Used mapquest to give me directions, but as I was getting close, one of the roads I was on was blocked off with no detour information. So I turned into this neighborhood, drove around for a while and was, luckily, able to get back on the road I needed to be on. When I turned onto the last street, or so I thought, I was told the 5th house on the right? well there were only four. After circling the block a few times I realized that I turned a street early, I turned onto Celtic something-or-other instead of Celtic Circle. Finally found it. Brian works out of his basement. I should have my contact sheet in a few days.

In discussing with Brian the type of photos I wanted, dramatic vs. traditional (you know, the smile), color vs. B&W. For commercial, it is best to have a color photo and for Stage and Film a B&W photo. I will opt to get a color headshot to send to everyone. There was some discussion recently on [ATML] Yahoo Group on color vs. B&W, with a trend towards color for Stage and Film. I will post an image as soon as I can. But let me know what you think: Color vs. B&W.