Audition #3

Last night I auditioned for Over the River and Through the Woods by Joe DiPietro at Stage Door Players. The 16th was the second day of auditions and the crowed was very light. I think I like that. For non-scheduled times, I think I will start showing up on the second night. Hmm, but how rested is the director on the second day of auditions. Something to think about.

This theatre is very nice and very large. I was very relaxed for this audition. I read yesterday about one’s attitude when going in for an audition. You should great the director and assistances with a smile and confidence. Chris is right about first impressions. So I did. I went in and out with a smile, shook hands, and tried to act (actors can act can’t they) as confident as possible.

We were required to have a 30 second comedy monologue prepared. Remember Lesbian Spanking Inferno? Well that is what I did. I stumbled at first, but eventually made it through. I did OK on that. I was then handed a monologue and a dialogue to read over and I went back out in the lobby. After a few more people went in for their prepared monologues, I was called back in with another lady to read the dialogue. I thought we did very well together. There was good pinch and react. I was then allowed to go back into the lobby for a little while longer before doing the monologue. The character I was auditioning for was the lead.

I feel really good about this one, but I will not get my hopes up. I do not have a lot of experience, but I am getting better at this auditioning thing.