Tammy’s birthday and I’m trying to get out of a job I do not enjoy. There is a part of True West where the character I play (Lee) is supposed to be frustrated. Well I can relate now. It’s been a week at this new job and I am trying to get out. Had an interview this morning and was in hopes that I could give notice today. I did not hear a thing. I left messages with the contracting firm and heard nothing. So I wait.

The part of Lee, the dialogue is near the beginning of Scene IV. He wants to get this thing done so he can get out and go! I so understand. We are studying Meisner and we are not supposed to pull from our experiences. I suppose the point is to remain in control despite outward appearance/emotions. (Not really the point, but I know better now.) And of course I have not memorized my lines yet. No excuse really, I just haven?t

Chris, last week mentioned having 4 or 5 monologues memorized/ready, so I suppose I need to choose a few. There is one I like from the original BBC version of Coupling. Steve rants over pornography.