Harry (II)


Title: Harry (II)
Source: 2 Minutes and Under
Author: Glenn Alterman
ISBN: 0553263668

Description: Harry – 30’s-40’s – a furnished basement in Brooklyn. Harry and Mort have been close friends most of their lives. These tow small time, wheeler-dealers are now involved in a drug deal which Harry has set up. When Mort expresses some doubts about the deal, here Harry tries to reassure him everything will be okay.

Harry: That’s right, that’s right. I did teach you how to ride a bike. Million years ago. I was older, I knew how, so I taught you. S’just like tonight, Mort. I made the contact, set it up, did everything. Everything! Now I’m handing it to you on a gold platter. All you gotta do is hand ’em the money. Then they give us the stuff, dosey-doe. Then tomorrow we go to Louie. Give him what we got, make a fuckin’ fortune. So simple. S’like ridin’ a bike all the way to the bank. An’ don’t think for a minute I’m makin’ any money here. Nah. Feh, a finder’s fee for gettin’ you two together. Small change, believe me. Won’t even pay for the kids’ bar mitzvah lessons. Where as you, you’ll make more than double, triple, what’cha put in. It’s a gift I’m givin’ you. For Shirley and little Sheila. Little gift from Uncle Harry. Now stop worryin’ for God’s sake, and here, have some more coke.